Listed below are upcoming events that are organized by NJASL and/or affiliated organizations. Visit the NJASL Professional Development calendar for upcoming learning opportunities of interest to School Librarians and Media Specialists (includes conferences, workshops, and webinars from a wide variety of organizations and providers).

You might also want to check out the Keep & Share Calendar of NJ Professional Educators Associations for other events.

Upcoming NJASL and Affiliated Events

    • 23 Feb 2017
    • North Hunterdon High School (tentative)

    Hunterdon County Librarians Assoc.(HCLA): February 23, 2017 Meeting

    Winter Workshop at North Hunterdon High School (tentative)

    • 04 Mar 2017
    • 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Piscataway Public Library - JFK Kennedy Memorial Library

    Stakeholder Engagement Workshop Specifically for School Librarians:

    Date: Saturday, March 4, 2017
    Time: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm; coffee at 9:30, working lunch included.
    Location: Piscataway Public Library - J.F. Kennedy Memorial Library , 500 Hoes Ln, Piscataway Township, NJ 08854

    If you would like to participate, please register to attend. The workshop is free, but we need a headcount for our preparations. Registration deadline is Thursday, February 23rd. Register here .

    We appreciate your participation and look forward to working together to plan the future of libraries in New Jersey.  If a workshop is going to be cancelled due to weather, you will receive notification the day before and it will be sent to your work email.  The workshop will be rescheduled.

    If after registering for a Stakeholder Engagement Workshop you find that you cannot attend, please call the LibraryLinkNJ office - 732-752-7720.

    • 11 Mar 2017
    • South Brunswick School District

    LitCamp UnConference

    March 11, 2017

    Presented by

    South Brunswick School District

    in collaboration with

    New Jersey Association of School Librarians


    Rutgers University School of Communication and Information

    Visit the NJASL Spring Meeting page for the most current information.

    Please contact the NJASL Members-at-Large with questions:

    Elizabeth Ullrich (

    Beth Thomas

    • 20 Mar 2017
    • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Rutgers University, New Brunswick

    From Rutgers School of Communication & Information:

    Please join us on MondayMarch 20, from 6 – 9 pm at the SC&I WIDE CAREER EXPO to network with our students and discuss the wide range of career paths they can explore. We will be located in the College Avenue Student Center Lounge and Multi-Purpose Room.  There is ample free parking for representatives.   Refreshments are provided for our professional participants and there is no fee for participation.

    This year we will feature two unique spaces for company and organization representatives:

    Our first space will feature Information Technology, Informatics and Data Analytics, Archival, Academic, School and Public Library representatives to network and discuss careers with our students and alums.  There will be opportunities to network and share career insights.

    We will have a second adjacent space for representatives in the industries related to Communication, Journalism and Media Studies. We are excited to be collaborating with Rutgers University Career Services and the Rutgers University Alumni Association to introduce a new program, “The Road to Communication and Media”. The SC&I WIDE CAREER EXPO will be one of the kick-off events to this new University program that will connect students with alumni in their desired communication and media career fields.

    We hope to represent all the career paths possible for all of our students' passions and skills in The School of Communication and Information.

    March 20th is a great time to recruit for summer internships or entry level positions for our graduating seniors!  Our undergraduate majors in CommunicationInformation Technology and Informatics; and Journalism & Media Studies are ready to take on your challenging positions.  

    Our graduate students in Communication and Information Studies and in the Master of Information program can bring experience, energy and analytical skills to your organization, library or school. 

    You are not required to have open positions to take advantage of this opportunity to network with our students.  

    Please RSVP and put Monday, March 20th on your calendar.

    • 24 Mar 2017
    • 25 Mar 2017
    • New Jersey Libraries

    New Jersey Makers Day (NJMD) is an all-ages statewide event celebrating STE(A)M, with the mission of exposing, enriching, and empowering our communities through maker culture. Our initiative serves as a grass-roots community based initiative for showcasing all the wonderful organizations and opportunities in education, manufacturing, enrichment programs, and business and entrepreneurship specifically here in New Jersey.

    On Friday, March 24 and Saturday, March 25, 2017, schools, museums, libraries, small businesses and other locations all across NJ will host live presentations, demonstrations, workshops and other hands-on interactive making experiences. Last year's NJMD drew more than 60,000 visitors to over 250 sites across NJ to connect and engage in hands-on interactive programs, activities, demonstrations and experiences. We are proud of our many past site participants who have reported significant impact for their service communities and organizations as a direct result of their participation in this event.

    There is no cost associated with becoming a participating site, and sites have complete autonomy to plan and coordinate activities as they would like. Our committee, in turn, offers our participating sites support in the form of a digital press kit, professional development opportunities, monthly site manager meetings, and other incentives from our various partners and sponsors. We are also available to our sites with any questions regarding program ideas, community connections, funding sources and more!

    Early-bird registration for NJMD begins September 19, 2016. We invite organizations interested in being a host site for New Jersey Makers Day (NJMD) to register using the following form:

    The early-bird registration period will run from September 19th to November 18th. Sites that register during this period will have exclusive first-access to any sponsorships or other incentives that become available.

    For more information about NJMD, please visit our website at

    • 01 Apr 2017
    • 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
    • Library Link

    Members may access agenda, previous meeting minutes, and reports through the Board Reports page of the Members Only section.

    • 04 Apr 2017
    • Faber School Library

    Union Middlesex Assoc. of School Librarians (UMASL): April 4, 2017 Meeting

    Location TBD

    New Educational Technology for Librarians and Teachers

    Barbara DeSantis

    Spring Dinner Meeting

    • 04 May 2017
    • BD

    Essex Co. Assoc. of School Librarians (ECASL): May 4, 2017 Meeting


    • 03 Jun 2017
    • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    • at Spring Membership Meeting

    Regular board meeting followed immediately by planning.

    • 25 Jun 2017
    • 28 Jun 2017
    • San Antonio, Texas

    You’re pushing the boundaries of education by harnessing the power of technology to advance learning and teaching. Connect with other innovative educators and take your own skills to the next level by participating in the world’s largest and most comprehensive ed tech meeting of the minds.

Past events

04 Feb 2017 NJASL Board Meeting
10 Jan 2017 Union Middlesex Assoc. of School Librarians (UMASL)
30 Nov 2016 LibraryLinkNJ Fall Membership Meeting
17 Nov 2016 NJASL 2016 Fall Conference: Create, Imagine, Discover
25 Oct 2016 Union Middlesex Assoc. of School Librarians (UMASL)
20 Oct 2016 Essex Co. Assoc. of School Librarians (ECASL)
19 Oct 2016 Bergen/Passaic Association of School Librarians (BPASL) Meeting
18 Oct 2016 Snapshot Day
08 Oct 2016 NJASL Board Meeting
06 Oct 2016 Hunterdon County Librarians Association (HCLA) Fall Meeting
29 Sep 2016 Morrris County School Media Assoc. (MCSMA)
29 Sep 2016 Atlantic/Cape May County(ATCAP):
10 Sep 2016 NJASL Board Meeting
04 Aug 2016 NJASL Board Meeting
26 Jun 2016 ISTE 2016 Conference and Expo
23 Jun 2016 ALA Annual Conference
04 Jun 2016 NJASL Board Meeting
01 Jun 2016 LibraryLinkNJ Spring Membership Meeting
25 May 2016 Presentations that Shine with Barbara DeSantis
24 May 2016 Bergen/Passaic County (BPASL): May Meeting
07 May 2016 NJASL Annual Spring Event: Library LitCamp
05 May 2016 Essex/Hudson County (ECASL): Book Evaluation/End of Year Party
06 Apr 2016 Mercer (MCASL): April Meeting
02 Apr 2016 NJASL Board Meeting
01 Apr 2016 School Library Month
31 Mar 2016 Morris County(MCSMA): Book repair workshop
18 Mar 2016 NJ Makers Day
16 Mar 2016 Atlantic/Cape May County(ATCAP): March Meeting
07 Mar 2016 Union/Middlesex Association of School Librarians(UMASL): March Meeting
05 Mar 2016 Urban Libraries Summit: Urban Service--Continuing Together
03 Mar 2016 Mercer (MCASL): March Meeting
27 Feb 2016 NJASL Board Training
23 Feb 2016 Hunterdon County Winter Workshop
11 Feb 2016 Essex/Hudson County (ECASL): Technology Meeting/Book Evaluation
09 Feb 2016 Burlington County(BCASL): February Meeting
06 Feb 2016 NJASL Board Meeting
27 Jan 2016 Mercer (MCASL): January Meeting
27 Jan 2016 Bergen/Passaic County (BPASL): January Meeting
23 Jan 2016 NJASL Board Meeting
14 Jan 2016 Morris County(MCSMA): Best Books
13 Jan 2016 Atlantic/Cape May County(ATCAP): Resources & Ideas
12 Dec 2015 NJASL Board Meeting
02 Dec 2015 Mercer County Group: NJASL Conference Takeaways
16 Nov 2015 UMASL minimeeting at NJASL
15 Nov 2015 NJASL 2015 Fall Conference: "Librarians: Lifeguards of the Information Ocean"
27 Oct 2015 Union/Middlesex County(UMASL): Working with Your Administrators
21 Oct 2015 Snapshot Day
17 Oct 2015 NJASL Board Meeting
06 Aug 2015 NJASL Board Meeting
15 Jun 2015 Burlington County Librarians Association End of Year Get Together
04 Jun 2015 Hunterdon County Librarians Association Spring Business Meeting
02 Jun 2015 Atlantic/Cape May County Librarians Association Spring Meeting
28 May 2015 BPASL Spring Meeting
27 May 2015 Union/Middlesex (UMASL) Spring Dinner and Meeting
21 May 2015 Bergen Electronic Library for Schools (BELS)
20 May 2015 Burlington County Librarians Association Road Trip To Sebco Book Look
19 May 2015 Hunterdon County Librarians Association Enthusiastic Reader Award Ceremony
16 May 2015 Morris County Annual Field Trip
14 May 2015 Essex/Hudson Book Evaluation
07 May 2015 Tri-County Librarians Association Meeting/Workshop
23 Apr 2015 Burlington (BCASL) Spring Meeting
01 Apr 2015 Union/Middlesex Spring Dinner Event
21 Mar 2015 New Jersey Makers Day
19 Mar 2015 Camden County Association of School Librarians March Meeting
16 Mar 2015 NJASL Guests on TLNewsNight
14 Mar 2015 NJASL Annual Spring Event: Leading Your Library into the Future
10 Mar 2015 Atlantic/Cape May Assoc. School Librarians (ATCAP)
26 Feb 2015 Essex/Hudson County Association of School Librarians
24 Feb 2015 Hunterdon Assoc. School Librarians
02 Feb 2015 Union/Middlesex County Association of School Librarians
13 Jan 2015 Bergen/Passaic County Association of School Librarians
10 Jan 2015 NJASL Board Meeting
09 Dec 2014 Atlantic/Cape May County Association of School Librarians
03 Dec 2014 Union/Middlesex County Association of School Librarians
26 Oct 2014 NJASL 2014 Fall Conference: "Taking Charge of Your Destiny"
18 Oct 2014 NJASL Board Meeting
02 Oct 2014 Bergen/Passaic Assoc. School Librarians
01 Oct 2014 2014 Youth Services Forum
10 Sep 2014 Atlantic/Cape May County Assoc. School Librarians
06 Aug 2014 NJASL Board Meeting
09 Jul 2014 Guided Inquiry for Student Learning: CISSL Summer Institute
27 May 2014 ECASL Book Evaluation Meeting
22 May 2014 Guest Author and Titanic Expert – Charles Haas
21 May 2014 Atlantic/Cape May County (ATCAP) Meeting
21 May 2014 Bergen/Passaic Association of School Librarians - County Group Meeting
20 May 2014 Hunterdon County Librarians Association Enthusiastic Reader's Award Ceremony
17 May 2014 NJASL Annual Spring Event: Forecasting the Future of Your School Library
13 May 2014 Bergen County Association of School Librarians - Annual Destiny User Group Meeting
08 May 2014 Meet the New Follett South Jersey Rep!
09 Apr 2014 UMASL Presents: Digital Extensions of Learning by Melissa Jacobs-Israel
27 Mar 2014 Even More Digital Tools for Teaching & Learning
20 Mar 2014 Morris County School Media Association -
20 Mar 2014 BCASL Meeting - Burlington County Group
13 Mar 2014 B.Y.O.I. (Bring Your Own Ideas)
08 Mar 2014 NJASL Board Meeting
27 Feb 2014 Hunterdon County Librarians Association Annual Winter Workshop
13 Feb 2014 BCASL Meeting - Burlington County Group
04 Feb 2014 Hilda Weisburg presents: Leading, Learning, Growing
29 Jan 2014 Bergen/Passaic Association of School Librarians - County Group Meeting
15 Jan 2014 Morris County School Media Association - Best Books Meeting
11 Jan 2014 NJASL Board Meeting
20 Nov 2013 Bergen/Passaic Association of School Librarians - County Group Meeting
20 Nov 2013 Regional Personalized Student Learning Plan Workshops
14 Nov 2013 AASL 16th National Conference
13 Nov 2013 Morris County Group General Meeting
26 Oct 2013 NJASL Board Meeting
04 Oct 2013 NJASL 2013 Fall Conference: "Virtually Indispensable"
25 Sep 2013 SGO Writing Workshop - hosted by MCSMA
12 Sep 2013 BCASL Meeting - Burlington County Group
23 Aug 2013 SGO Training - Planning and Assessments
07 Aug 2013 NJASL Board Meeting
10 Jul 2013 Guided Inquiry for Student Learning: CISSL Summer Institute
18 May 2013 NJASL Annual Spring Meeting, Luncheon and Workshop
26 Apr 2013 CiSSL International Research Symposium
24 Apr 2013 Technology Speed Dating
16 Mar 2013 NJASL Board Meeting
02 Mar 2013 Teen Advisory Board Summits
25 Feb 2013 The Common Core State Standards and Your School Library Program: Perfect Together
16 Feb 2013 Announcing Our Winter Workshop!
12 Feb 2013 Webinar: Aligning Graphic Novels to the Standards
06 Feb 2013 Digital Learning Day
05 Feb 2013 NJASL and LibraryLinkNJ Professional Development Webinar: "Stepping Out of The Google Box: Identifying Students' Research Habits"
19 Jan 2013 NJASL Board Meeting
12 Dec 2012 AASL Webinar: Making the Most of Professional Learning Communities
11 Dec 2012 AASL Webinar: Worlds of Learning with Inanimate Alice
29 Nov 2012 NJASL 2012 Fall Conference
27 Nov 2012 Snapshot Submission - Date Extended
24 Oct 2012 Snapshot Day Submissions
08 Oct 2012 Library Roadshow Visit Arrangements
04 Oct 2012 AASL’s Best Websites for Teaching and Learning: Four Years and 100 Sites Later
05 May 2012 NJASL Board of Trustees meeting
01 Apr 2012 School Library Month 2012
01 Apr 2012 Entries for Why My School Library is Important Essay contest due by 4/20
10 Mar 2012 NJASL Board of Trustees meeting

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