NJASL Strategic Plan 2017-2018

Board development and communication

To improve the internal the workings of the NJASL Board to be able to serve our membership in an efficient and proactive manner.

Goal: More efficient and effective communication between board members

Action Item:

  • Develop an orientation package/folder for new board members

  • Complete our implementation of Google Apps for Organizations and establish policies and procedures for use

  • Develop of guidelines and procedures for using social media to connect to members

  • Create an ad hoc committee to search for replacement for our Yahoo list servers

  • Create an ad hoc committee to review the current policy and procedure manual

  • Provide access to Zoom for Committee chairs to communicate with their sub-committee chairs to improve communication up and down the committee chain

  • Invite county representatives and emerging leaders to board meetings

  • Provide information on the board’s activity at the Annual conference and Spring meeting to entice new board members and committee volunteers

  • Update the webpage and include board biographies and contact information

Fiscal Stability

Develop a plan to increase revenue and control expenditures to produce a balanced budget and reduce dependency investment funds to meet budget shortfalls

Goal: To have a balanced budget in the 2018-19 fiscal year

Action Items:

  • Create an ad hoc Committee to explore how other state organizations in NJ manage the purchase order process for conferences and memberships. The committee can also look to other state library associations to see how they manage their finances.

  • Increase sponsorship for NJASL events and ongoing expenses such as the website

  • Increase membership

  • Take advantage of training provided with our membership in the Center for NJ Non-profits

  • Review travel requirements for conferences to reduce expenses

  • Use the Continuing Education Funds from Librarylink to support an NJASL event


Create opportunities to support SLMSs and library programs by advocating on their collective behalf with stakeholders at the state and national level

Goal:To provide members with proactive advocacy that will promote and support our jobs and programs

Action Items:

  • Work with the NJ DOE on new Digital Citizenship Standard and seek opportunities for future collaboration

  • Create an advocacy plan/toolkit that can be utilized when library positions are threatened

  • Review the branding of NJASL and create an tagline/#  that will promote NJASL and school media specialists make our work more visible to public and stakeholders

  • Continue to strengthen our partnerships with AECT, ALA, AASL, ISTE, NJEA, DOE, NJLA to create opportunities for collaboration on advocacy projects

  • Update the format of the Bookmark to better serve our members and promote our advocacy efforts on the behalf of members

  • Develop a statewide SLMS job description

  • Develop a curated list library curricula that showcase SLMS best practices to share with members and administrators.

  • Promote the new AASL standards to members and stakeholders


Increase NJASL membership to increase revenue, encourage participation and involvement and to  strengthen the organization and its ability to advocate for school librarians.

Goal: To increase the number of new members and regain lapsed members

Action Items:

  • Develop a marketing strategy/social media campaign to  targeting membership

  • Fill the vacant Student Affiliate position and strengthen outreach to students

  • Redefine and strengthen our relationships with County affiliates

  • Develop PD resources and programs to provide value to NJASL membership



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