Finance Committee. This committee will annually review the operating budget, including the actual surplus funds and the anticipated expenditures, for the purpose of making investment recommendations to the Board. This committee will meet a minimum of two times each year, and will consult with a financial advisor at least once a year, or more often if needed, to review investments and investment strategies. The Treasurer of the Association will chair the committee and the President or the President’s designee will be part of the committee.

Membership Committee. The chair of this committee will promote membership in the Association and work with the chairs of the various subcommittees to encourage and promote membership in the Association at various career stages. The Membership Committee Chair will maintain the official database of all members of the Association and send out dues notices and acknowledgements to the members each year. The committee will also: notify the electronic discussion list Chair of new email addresses and changes of email addresses; send the Charter, Private and Independent Schools Liaison a current list of charter, private, and independent school members; notify the New Member Orientation Chair of new members who request mentoring; notify committee and subcommittee chairs of interested volunteers; and update and revise the membership portion of the “Members Only” section of the website.

  • Student Affiliates. This subcommittee will work with student groups to increase awareness of and promote membership in NJASL.
  • Credentials. This subcommittee will keep NJASL members informed of state requirements for certification as a school library media specialist. This subcommittee will maintain contact with the State of New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) Office of Licensure and Credentials to ensure accurate interpretation of code and to provide input for any changes that might be proposed. This subcommittee will maintain contact with colleges and universities offering programs that lead to certification to inform prospective students and certification candidates.
  • New Member Orientation. This subcommittee will coordinate with the Membership Committee and collaborate with the NJDOE staff and the County Affiliates Liaison to provide orientation and mentoring programs for new school library media specialists.
  • County Affiliates Liaison. This subcommittee will assist the development of local associations in unorganized areas, promote membership in the state organization, inform local associations on a regular basis regarding actions of the NJASL Board of Trustees, assist local associations in planning programs and workshops, and regularly forward county news to the Newsletter Editor.
  • Charter, Private and Independent Schools. This subcommittee will promote NJASL membership among charter, private and independent school library media specialists.
  • NJASL-R. This subcommittee will promote continued membership in NJASL among retired professionals, assist in planning programs and workshops, and may represent NJASL at official functions.

Nominations and Election Committee. The President, with the approval of the Board of Trustees will appoint a Nominations and Election Committee of at least five members, one of whom must be a Past President who will serve as chair. This committee will, when possible, nominate two active members for each office of Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer in even years, and for each Member-at-Large to be elected. The committee will also nominate an AASL Affiliate Assembly Representative and an ISTE Affiliate Representative. 

Professional Development and Resources Committee. This committee will propose and, at the direction of the Board, develop resources designed to increase the capacity of NJASL members to provide additional library media services. The committee will anticipate and respond to educational directives and initiatives by preparing and publishing relevant materials for dissemination to the membership and other appropriate groups.

  • Standards. This subcommittee will maintain communications with our national affiliates to promote and provide training for the implementation and the integration of national standards with state and local curriculum standards.
  • Urban Libraries. This subcommittee will investigate problems unique to urban school library media specialists and their media centers. It will promote the establishment of library media centers in all urban schools and develop programs to assist urban school library media specialists. The subcommittee will keep the NJASL Board of Trustees apprised of the problems and their proposed solutions.
  • SLMS Evaluation. This subcommittee will keep abreast of local, state and national initiatives to evaluate school library media specialists by maintaining relationships with the NJDOE and AASL, among other entities, and will disseminate information to the school library media specialists of New Jersey.
  • Intellectual Freedom. This subcommittee will serve as a liaison between the Association and the Intellectual Freedom Committees of other groups (e.g. NJLA, ALA, etc.). The subcommittee will educate members and the public about the importance of intellectual freedom and provide support to school library media specialists facing a challenge.
  • Legislative. This subcommittee will keep members informed about state and national judicial and regulatory legislation pertinent to the interests of the Association or its members within the limits imposed on 501(c) 3 organizations. This subcommittee will work closely with the Legislative Consultant to provide information to the NJASL Board and members.

Public Relations, Communication, and Publications Committee. This committee coordinates with other committees, subcommittees, and the Legislative Consultant to promote the awareness of school library programs through internal and external communication and publications.

  • Newsletter. This subcommittee, headed by the Editor and/or Publisher, will prepare a monthly publication for the Association.
  • Electronic Discussion List. This subcommittee will maintain electronic discussion lists for the general membership, the Board of Trustees, and for the Executive Board. These electronic discussion lists are for discussions relevant to NJASL and for topics relevant to the profession.
  • Professional Outreach. This subcommittee will establish and maintain contact with New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association (NJPSA), New Jersey Association of School Administrators (NJASA), New Jersey Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (NJASCD), the New Jersey School Board Association (NJSBA), New Jersey Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (NJACTE), New Jersey Council of Community Colleges (NJCCC), Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC), National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), Parent Teacher associations around the state and other educational groups. This committee will also maintain contact with colleges and universities to ascertain their integration of school library media programs into their pre-service teacher education training.
  • Website. The Webmaster will chair this subcommittee and maintain the NJASL website. The subcommittee will post publications, the Board of Trustees minutes and all other information deemed appropriate by the Board on the website. The Webmaster will also be responsible for reporting election results to the Nominations and Election Committee Chair.
  • Social Media. This subcommittee will actively participate in forming and carrying out a social media strategy for NJASL.

Scholarships, Awards and Special Programs Committee. This committee will oversee the selection of recipients for awards and scholarships designated by the Board of Trustees. This committee will also initiate communication with our affiliates, other organizations, and companies to arrange additional awards. This committee will work with the Conference Committee, the Spring Membership Meeting chair, and the Author/Illustrator Chair to coordinate the presentation of awards.
  • Battle of the Books. This subcommittee prepares and distributes information to schools organizing a Battle of the Books competition.
  • Enthusiastic Reader. This subcommittee prepares and distributes information to school and public libraries to select recipients of the Enthusiastic Reader Award.

Standing Conference Committee. This committee will examine, on an ongoing basis, current practices, review the conference manual, and will implement procedures to streamline the conference process in order to aid and support annual conference chairs. The committee will investigate potential conference sites and reserve conference dates. The annual conference chair will serve on this standing committee to facilitate communication.

  • Author/Illustrator Committee. This subcommittee will coordinate the participation, placement, schedule and set-up of an Authors' & Illustrators' Alley with the Conference Chair; communicate author and illustrator participation in NJASL events or other events of interest to NJASL members via print and online publications; create and nurture relationships with NJ authors and illustrators; solicit and arrange author and illustrator submissions for inclusion in the NJASL newsletter. This committee will work with the Conference Committee, the Spring Membership Meeting chair, and the Scholarship and Awards Chair to coordinate the presentation of awards.

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